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Our endeavour is to globally enhance agricultural productivity using modern technologies

IP Protected

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Fully Customisable

Data Driven

  • We offer our IP protected business methodology on SaaS and B2B basis. It is a cloud based platform using mobile internet / application without any capital investment.
  • We enable our customers to create their own content and monitor the live crop cycles based on the contents created by them.
  • Through our system, the desired crop production technologies can be customised and delivered to each farmer in a uniform manner.
  • Our system has prompts for the farmers. It also has prompts for the farmer responses. Our system can provide alerts for related business entities.
  • Our system decimates the time and distance in monitoring live crops and managing agriculture. Managing agriculture can be completely data driven.
  • Our system helps in generating near real time reports regarding the live crop cycles.
  • Our system creates digital foot prints of the live crop cycles which can be of immense use to many business entities who work in the domain of agriculture.
  • Our system is very simple to use. Very cost effective. Farmer interface will be in local languages. Our system can be scaled up to handle millions of farmers on real time basis.

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