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Digital Footprints of Crop Cycles

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Live Crop Monitoring

  • We offer our services on SaaS and B2B basis
  • Our system is cloud based with mobile applications
  • We enable our customers to create their own contents and monitor the live crop cycles based on the contents created by them
  • Through our system, the desired crop production technologies can be customised and delivered to each farmer
  • Our system has prompts for the farmers at appropriate times. It also has prompts for the farmer responses at the appropriate times
  • Real time adoption percentages and reports are provided even up to individual farmer levels
  • Our system decimates the time and distance in monitoring live crops
  • Data driven management of agriculture
  • Our system generates real time reports
  • Our system is simple to use and cost effective
  • Farmer interface will be in local languages
  • Our system can be scaled up to handle any number of farmers
  • Archiving of historical data provided

Dynamic Harvest Scheduling

Salient Features for Typical Sugar Mills

  • No under ripe cane will be harvested
  • Sufficient cane will be harvested every day to meet the crushing capacity
  • No decision making is required by officers at the last minute
  • Crushing capacities and maturity durations can be altered on trial and error basis before next day's schedule is seen and released
  • Provisions for accommodating all unplanned incidents / changes, before the next day`s schedule is released
  • System generated harvest schedule for each officer every day for the next 7 days
  • Provision for officers to update daily harvest activities through mobile handsets
  • History of Harvesting activities available for review

Board of Directors


B G Subhash

An engineering graduate from University of Mysore with over four decades of experience in various industries including sugar industry with an entrepreneurial experience of over a decade.

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  • bgsubhash@gmail.com

Elias Ponodath

An IIT Madras Alumni with an MBA from M/s Jamnalal Bajaj Institute (JBIMS) with over three decades of experience in various industries including the Tata group. The last assignment was with M/s Walchandnagar Industries Ltd as their Sr. Vice President (Boiler & Energy Business).

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  • ponodath@gmail.com


Dr. N. Nagaraja

A double Ph.D. in agricultural sciences with over 3 decades of experience in the field of Agricultural Development in India and Abroad. His last assignment was with the University of Agricultural Sciences at Bengaluru as Director of Extension.

  • +919448477733
  • nagaraja.narayanappa@gmail.com

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